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31 March 2015
Reviewer: Lj from NJ

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I had purchased this system on a Saturday. I went in for a cracked phone screen and was cleverly conned into the system. It all seemed legit. I got home and scoured the web for reviews. Glad I did. I called them to cancel on Monday, I waited for 15 minutes before getting another sales person. I explained why I wanted cancel, and price was a factor. He kept me on the phone for 40 minutes, trying to offer me discounts after discounts. He said he couldn't believe I didn't want these "generous" offers. At this point my blood was boiling. I kept my calm and kept repeating myself, I simply wanted to cancel, please cancel. He finally agreed to cancel. He then mysteriously had computer problems and had to reboot, put me hold even longer. After awhile he said it was cancelled and that the equipment hasn't been shipped yet and will cancel that as well. After an excruciating call he said it was all cancelled and we hung up.

Tuesday, I received an email saying the equipment has been shipped to my home. Confused, after being told it was cancelled, I called again. I was on hold for 15 minutes before being connected to someone. I explained, bluntly, what happened and reiterated I did not want another sales pitch. He was actually nice and checked my status, (while muttering about more offers). It was never cancelled! Nothing, not even the install date! I became furious. I demanded it be cancelled and I better receive a confirmation. He apologized for this and put me hold again while he cancelled it. I was on hold for another 5 or so minutes. He assured me that it was cancelled and when I receive the equipment to return to sender or to open them up and place return labels on them and send them back. We hung up and I received a confirmation email of cancellation.

Now I have to wait until I get the packages and waste more of my time returning them. This is not a system you want and definitely not a customer service you want. There are too many negative reviews and too much fine print to sift through. Stay away from this hassle and research a different company to get a better home security system(which I'm doing now).

In summary, I would not recommend AT&T Digital Life to a friend.

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