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Category: Home Security Systems
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FrontPoint Security is an industry leader in providing simple to use but highly effective home security equipment, with 24 hour monitoring and remote options to help protect your home, possessions and family members from intruders.

The devices available are numerous and provide a range of features to help you protect your home. Whether it's door sensors, window locks, video cameras or just a door alarm, you should be able to find almost anything you need with FrontPoint.

The world can be a dangerous place. Every day, homes are broken into and thieves take the owner's valuable belongings, some of which are simply irreplaceable. In worst case scenarios, family members can be put in harm's way. That precious sense of security, often taken for granted in the past, can also be stolen during a home-invasion. A good home security system can offer peace of mind at an affordable price.

FrontPointSecurity.com allows you to check its equipment options in quite a clever way: you can view a cut section of an average home, with its various rooms, and then investigate each room to see which sorts of devices will help to protect it. Whilst this might simply be an automatic lock on the main door, it can also include sensors on medicine cabinets or cupboards that contain chemicals, to make sure the kids aren't at risk from dangerous substances. These devices can be set up inside and outside the house and you can also purchase signage to notify potential intruders that your home is well-protected.   

  There is a wide range of controls to choose from, including a basic control panel, a touch screen control panel, talking remote touch pads, keychain remotes, panic pendants and mobile apps.  

There is a wide range of controls to choose from, including a basic control panel, a touch screen control panel, talking remote touch pads, keychain remotes, panic pendants and mobile apps. This gives you a great choice in terms of how to control your home security, whether you're just watching the TV, you're stuck in the office or you're about to pull into the driveway. It is, however, worth checking the site to make sure the design is how you envisage it because not all of the control panels might suit the aesthetics of your home.  

You may also choose to upgrade to the Qolsys’ IQ Panel for an additional fee. This upgrade offers several benefits:

  • Easily arm the system in stay and away mode.
  • Easily add options such as silencing exit sounds, or cancelling entry-delay.
  • When your system is disarmed, the Photo Capability feature captures images and timestamps them.
  • Easily change the panel text and voices to suit your preferences (available in English, Spanish or French).
  • Simultaneous cellular and Wi-Fi communication improves performance and offers smarter redundancy.
  • Software upgrade capabilities, to keep the panel up-to-date with new features and improvements, are possible via the Android-based operating system.
  • Add an unlimited number of user codes to monitor the comings and goings to the property.
  • All of the existing Frontpoint panel features are also included, such as 100% wireless and cellular technology, Crash and Smash protection (i.e. a damaged Touch-Screen Control Panel will still be able to emit alert signals).

As well as the movement, window and door sensors, Front Point Security also offer a range of environmental sensors which, whilst not protecting against burglary, will help to defend your home and family from a wider range of hazards. These include water flood sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and smoke and fire sensors.

Meanwhile, extras such as home automation equipment can also serve to help protect your home from break ins. Consider, for example, automatic lighting. This can be used to give the illusion of you being at home, therefore acting as a deterrent to potential thieves.   

At a basic level the service works like this: there's a break in, one of your sensors detects this, a signal is sent to the central command centre, they give you a call to check it wasn't an accidental trigger. If you don't answer or it turns out that you're not at home, the emergency services are alerted. It's a fairly standard service in this sense, but there are several extra features that set FrontPoint Security apart from some of its competitors.

  FrontPoint's fees are approximately industry standard, but since it offers superior service and features, we feel that it is well worth the investment.  

In particular, the ability to check on your home from a mobile device is a great addition. This means you can check the video camera feedback, or that your doors are locked, all from your mobile device. Consequently if you're stuck at work you can easily unlock the doors to let the kids in, then lock them again once they're inside. If they order a pizza you can check that it's really the delivery guy at the door before they open it. This gives you a lot of control over who can and cannot enter your house, making it very secure.  

The site itself goes to some lengths to provide you with all the information you need, prior to making a purchase. It also offers a range of videos which ought to help you decide where to place your security devices, as well as showing you how to install the system properly. This is all very useful and is too frequently missed from other home security sites.

There are also a range of e-books available free of charge which can be downloaded simply. These cover all the necessary topics and you could even print them out if you needed to. The website, therefore, does a great job of providing a range of important information without overwhelming prospective customers with too much information.

The customer support options are very good. You can contact the team using an in-site message system, or phone them 7 days a week, from 08:00 to 23:00 EST, Monday to Friday, and from 10:00 to 19:00 EST Saturday and Sunday.

There are three packages to choose from (please see our Costs & Freatures tab above for details of how these three plans differ):

  • Protection services for $34.99 per month.
  • Interactive services for $44.99 per month.
  • Ultimate services for $49.99 per month.

FrontPoint isn't the cheapest option around but it does offer very good value for money. FrontPoint's fees are approximately industry standard, but since it offers superior service and features, we feel that it is well worth the investment.

It's a high performer in each area that we've considered and certainly comes out on top, in comparison with its home security peers. Investing in a high quality security system, like those offered by FrontPoint Security, can really help to re-inforce your precious and priceless sense of security.

If you're still unsure about what type of home security system is best for you, why not contact FrontPoint today for a free quote to see whether their service fits your personal requirements and budget?

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