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Category: Home Security Systems
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If you're looking for flexibility in a home security system then Monitronics might be the place to visit. It offers three key packages, each with optional upgrades, all of which include the equipment and installation.  

As we mentioned, there are three main packages to choose from with this site. The basic security really is quite basic, providing 24/7 monitoring of your various alarms and sensors. All packages include a full colour touch screen panel, a keychain remote, pet sensitive motion detectors, door and window sensors, a yard sign and window decals (i.e. transfer/sticker). This means that even the cheapest package offers pretty good value for money. If you upgrade to the most expensive package you will also receive lighting controls and image sensors, which we'll come to shortly.

Each package also offers optional extras should you need them. Of course, these cost extra (prices are provided on inquiry) but at least you can produce a tailored security package to suit your needs without having to pay for extras that you don't need or want. These extras primarily focus on allowing you remote control of your home's security and environmental features, or additional security features. In particular some people might be interested in the image sensors and image capture features, which will allow you to store pictures of anyone who approaches your property.  

The site is well designed and it's easy to see the differences between the products available. You can switch between home security and home automation with ease, and there are also several informative segments that could be useful. In particular the video tutorials, FAQ, crime reports and blog will offer information that could be invaluable. Despite the customer service having won awards, we felt that the site would benefit from email correspondence options, or even a live chat option. As it stands you'll need to write a letter or make a call to get assistance. You'll also need to call to request a quote on any service you're interested in.  

We felt that the “starting from” prices offered on the site were fair considering the level of monitoring and range of products you can access. However it is unclear whether or not Monitronics charges substantially more for the additional features it offers. Therefore it is a good idea, if you're potentially going to invest in this service, to find out exactly what the costs will be for each additional feature, how regularly you will be charged and what happens if any of the equipment is lost or damaged.   

We were generally impressed with Monitronics. The site is well organised, provides a lot of the necessary information you'll need, and their customer service seems to have done well despite its lack of communication options. They provide a good range of products to suit most needs, including home automation as well as home security. If you're looking for a flexible system then they might not be a bad bet.

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