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Honeywell Security Group Reviews

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Category: Home Security Systems
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Honeywell Security Group Review

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If you're interested in gaining complete control over the security of your home then Honeywell is an industry leader, developing their own technologies and providing monitoring services. The tech comes in a few designs to choose from and is easy to use whilst offering a variety of important features to the safety conscious home owner.  

Honeywell Security Group covers several key areas of home security. These include digital security systems, 24 hour monitoring, indoor and outdoor sensors, environmental sensors, theft prevention, digital video security, emergency help, home security lighting and remote locking. Each of these is simple but effective, and can be combined to provide extra security.

There are a few extras that other sites haven't thought of, such as theft prevention sensors. These are small devices that you can attach to special items in your house (such as paintings, expensive vases and so on), and you will be alerted if these items are moved. It's theses smart little features that can make all the difference.  

So, we're impressed by the range of products and features provided, but how about the service overall. You will receive 24/7 monitoring of your alarms, whereby if one is set off then you will be contacted. If you combine this with the video camera options then you can get a real idea as to whether a threat is real or not. The monitoring stations can also keep an eye on environmental sensors which will detect changes in things such as water pressure to determine whether or not there is a risk of flooding in your home.

Customers generally seem happy with the service they have received, and the site provides plenty of information such as product manuals, interactive product demos and a library of videos to help you understand how each system works.

The potential flaw in customer service is that there is no simple way to contact the company directly. Almost all communication is handled through local dealers, so you will need to find and contact your local dealer through the Honeywell website in order to find out more information or to source prices.  

Not knowing the price of these products and services is always a concern. If you shop around between dealers perhaps you can make some kind of saving, but without an inquiry you'll be entirely in the dark as to how much this service is going to cost you. Joining up therefore becomes somewhat troublesome because you have to talk with local dealers rather than a central source. But, it's not the end of the world and one might argue that you're more likely to receive a more personal service when you shop locally.  

The products available from Honeywell Security Group are impressive and offer enough variety to suit most situations. The range of features also demonstrates that this is a security company which knows what it's doing when it comes to keeping you safe. However, despite the information provided on the site, we felt a little abandoned with regards to being unable to easily contact someone on the sales team. The hidden prices are also not ideal. All things considered, if you've got the inclination and the money to pay for a Honeywell system, we think you won't be disappointed.  

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