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Ackerman Security Systems Reviews

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Category: Home Security Systems
Website: http://www.ackermansecurity.com/residential-monitoring

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Ackerman Security Systems Review

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Ackerman Security Systems offers a decent, but not particularly outstanding, range of security products and services. Don't get us wrong, there's nothing wrong with them, but you'll find a greater range and quality elsewhere. With prices starting from $18.95 a month they can offer affordable systems, but you will need to purchase the equipment for yourself and there's no real indication how much this will set you back.  

Although the product prices are something of a mystery on the Ackerman Security site, you are able to use existing security systems, which is a good idea as it allows you to shop around. What's more, this means that you own the equipment you have purchased and can therefore leave Ackerman without having lost out. This is something they don't seem to mind as they make a point of keeping short term contracts so that you can leave them if you feel it is necessary. It's a slightly peculiar business model but it allows you quite a bit of flexibility.  

The service seems most suited to any person or company who already owns the security system they want, but who wants to switch service providers. The main service provided, other than installing security products, is to offer monitoring services. These extend beyond just door and window alarms, and include fire monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, medical emergencies and more. Presumably each of these monitoring services costs an additional fee, but the site fails to inform you as to what these fees might be. In fact if you want to find out any cost other than the stated $18.95 per month (and it's not clear what that really includes) then you need to make an inquiry with the staff.  

Information on the products and services is lacking somewhat on the site, and it's a big turn off. When you're trying to decide on a security company to go with nobody wants to have to call or send multiple emails just to find a roundabout figure of how much it'll cost. In terms of information, where Ackerman does a little better is in its “knowledge” section, which provides news, a blog, media resources, alarm system registration, an FAQ, special promotions and the option to “ask an expert”. Contacting customer services can be achieved using a phone or an in-site message but there doesn't appear to be email support or live messaging options, which is disappointing.  

Ackerman Security Systems is probably worth checking out if you're thinking of changing service providers and already have your dream security installation. Otherwise we feel that you'll be able to find more informative sites that offer a wider range of products and services.  

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