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Vector Security Inc. Review

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Vector Security states that it offers “Intelligent security tailored for you”. Most notably, setting this site apart from some of its competitors, it offers patrol services for schools, particular areas or individuals. However it also provides remote security options for anyone on the move, and a national service centre so that it can cover a wide range of buildings throughout the US.  

The patrol services might be of particular interest if you're concerned about personal safety outside of the home or office. This is a personal service with a security guard (or several) who is aware of your protection needs. These individuals can also be hired as guards for establishments such as apartment complexes or hotels, amongst others. However, as is a common issue with VectorSecurity.com, no pricing options are given and all prices must be confirmed with the sales team.

In fact this is a major issue we have with the site more generally: there are no prices at all. How is anyone able to make an informed decision without having a basic idea of the general costs of their services and systems? Well, it's difficult, so we'll have to consider the range of products and services provided and how useful they are likely to be.

Overall we felt that the site was more tailored towards businesses rather than individuals who wish to protect their home, although not exclusively. This was due to the fact that very little information about the specific devices is given, rather you receive a lot of spiel about how great the service is going to be.

If you're someone who wants to know exactly what you're getting then you'll want to look elsewhere, or make a lengthy call to the customer services department. Our assumption here is that they want to sell you a complete package and they realise this is easier to achieve if they can get you to call in and then talk you into purchasing their services. Well, that's fine – after all they're a business – but it's not that useful to you as a potential customer.  

Maybe we're being a little harsh, after all they do provide access to a learning centre for free. This offers information on home and business security, although much of it does sound like a sales pitch. Meanwhile there's no proper FAQ and you can only contact support on the phone or by sending a message through the site.   

The actual security services sound good, but then there's not enough information on this site to make an informed decision about how useful it will be to you as an individual. As for pricing, that's a complete mystery. If you're looking to purchase a complete installation and monitoring package then this could be a company worth contacting but otherwise we find it hard to recommend Vector Security over its competitors.    

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