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Category: Home Security Systems
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AT&T Digital Life Review

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Digital Life is brought to you by AT&T, the telecommunications giant that have become a household name in the USA over the past decade, with over 100 million mobile customers. AT&T Digital Life offers digital home security services at a discounted price. At less than $1 a day, some of Digital Life's most popular packages should be affordable to most people, and you also have the option to make a significant saving by purchasing more than one security package at once.  

The ability to combine security packages is a good idea and the savings really are worthwhile. For example, if you choose the Smart Security Package ($39.99) you can add the Camera Package in for just $10 more per month.

It is, however, a good idea to work out which deal is the best for you as the Simple Security and Smart Security packages are virtually identical, but one follows a rental model (essentially you pay an increased monthly fee and no equipment charge) whereas the other requires you to purchase the equipment (and therefore receive a reduced monthly fee). Partly this will depend on how long you estimate you'll be using the equipment and service for, so it's worth performing a few calculations or calling the sales team to see what they recommend.  

Aside from the basic packages, which include 24 hour monitoring and some fairly basic features such as smart phone accessibility, key pads, key chain remotes and sirens, you can also purchase extras as you need them. The site offers protection from water damage, as well as energy saving automation.

If you're mainly concerned about your doors staying locked, or letting the kids in when you're at work, then the door package is available for $4.99 a month (plus a one-time fee of $99.99).   

The site can be somewhat confusing at times, with prices showing the monthly charge, plus any equipment fee. Equipment fees are sometimes negated if you take out a more expensive contract, or are provided at reduced rates, but it's not always clear exactly which package works out at the best value. Meanwhile, more information is needed on each of the security features that are provided, as sometimes they are just listed and you're expected to know what each of them does.

Whilst the site does offer live chat options to speak with sales and support staff, there's not much in the way of additional information, which is a bit of a disappointment, especially if you're not completely sure which package or equipment is best for you. The FAQ is pretty short too, and there are no blog or forum options to help you out.  

There don't seem to be many additional services really provided by AT&T, they simply monitor your alarms, so if you're looking for something a bit more involved then you may wish to look elsewhere. However, this is fairly standard practice. Although the site offers optional extras these are quite limited in their variety and you'll certainly find far more options on another site. That considered, once you've paid for the equipment, AT&T DigitalLife is a value for money option, particularly if you purchase other bundles with your security package.

A final note to consider for those who are interested in the aesthetics of the equipment: the site doesn't contain many pictures of the equipment they provide, so if you want it to fit in with your décor then it might be wise to ask for some photos before going ahead and making an order.  

As AT&T are a corporate heavy-weight with massive financial resources and lots of experience in the telecommunications sector, their home security monitoring service will probably improve with time. So watch this space.

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