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No fuss, that seems to be the mantra of Protect America. Whilst it doesn't offer the widest range of services and features around, it offers simple but effective systems for protecting your home. Its devices are easy to use, allowing you to access and control your home security in a range of ways.  

If you're looking for a bunch of extra features and unusual gadgets then Protect America might not be ideal for you. Its various packages essentially provide a basic range of equipment, with extra sensors depending on the size of your home. These sensors monitor your doors and windows, and can be controlled remotely or using the in-house alarm control pad. Should one of your alarms sound then you'll be called to check whether or not it's a genuine concern. Should things be amiss, the emergency services will then be called to your address.  

Possibly the biggest lure to this site and its services is the price. For the monthly fee you get all equipment included, which you can move to another address if you move house. It also covers any replacement parts and includes no installation fees. As well as home security you can also purchase life safety, home automation, SMART connect and automotive security.

Some of these elements will help to improve your home security even though they – at first – seem irrelevant. But if you think about it, home automation can really be used to give the impression that you're at home when you're not, by controlling lights, blinds and more.

SMART connect services also allow you a much greater degree of control over your home security systems by allowing you to access them from a mobile device. And if you've an expensive car or bike sitting locked away at home, you may wish to add extra security to this. In particular the video options might be of interest to people who wish to view the inside of their home whilst they're out, or for anyone who wishes to keep a check on who's at the front door.  

Whilst there are only 10 or 11 pieces of featured equipment, each of them is simple to use and relatively stylish. They also synchronise so that setting them up is easy. Installation is performed by the customer in their home, rather than paying for a security professional to come out and set things up for you. This is a real money saver although if you're really not sure what to do then you might want some help. The site provides guides and you can also call up to discuss the installation with the customer services team, so you won't be left in the dark  

As for additional information, we were happy to see a blog being used, as well as a learning centre, which provide information on home safety and crime. As well as calling the customer services team you can also talk to them using an in-site live chat feature, which allows quick and simple information without the need to pay for a telephone call. This is good to see as few sites offer such customer service.

Protect America provides basic but well designed safety equipment, and a decent set of security services. It keeps things simple and this can be to its benefit, but if you're looking for more options in terms of equipment and extras, you may wish to look elsewhere.  

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