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Category: Home Security Systems
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Guardian Protection Review

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Guardian Protection offers a wide range of security features to help you protect your home, property and family. There are several packages to choose from, with the cheapest offering pretty good value for money. Each of the packages comes with equipment and installation, plus a variety of guarantees.  

First we'd like to look at the guarantees available. Of course, any kind of guarantee is better than none at all, but we didn't find the monetary compensation to be all that reassuring with GuardianProtection. For example, they offer theft protection guarantees, providing up to $500 of compensation if you are burgled. This is of course meant to be in addition to your home insurance, but it is significantly lower than you'll find elsewhere.

There is also a relocation guarantee, which means that if you move house, after more than 2 years being a Guardian customer, and then enroll in the Guardian monitoring services in your new home, Guardian will provide a free basic Guardian security system for your new home with 25% discount on upgrades to the most expensive services and equipment (some terms and conditions apply, so please refer to the merchant's website for full details). The site doesn't provide explicit details as to whether or not you can transfer the equipment from one house to another, so if you think you might wish to move home after two years of taking out a contract with Guardian then it will be worth your time to check whether this is possible. If you've been paying for premium services and equipment and can't relocate the original equipment, you're going to lose out on those premium services unless you buy new premium equipment for your new home.

What is potentially more useful is the warranty provided, which covers your equipment should it need replacing (although the information on the site doesn't say anything about what happens if it's broken purposefully by an intruder). These are all things you ought to consider before taking out a package, and they are not necessarily specific to Guardian Protection.  

The basic package, whilst on special offer, provides very good value for money because it also includes fire and carbon monoxide monitors. However, the usual price is a lot higher, and the advanced packages aren't on sale at the time of this review. To find out the cost of each package and service you'll need to call the sales team, which is something of an inconvenience.

However, there are plenty of features to choose from, allowing you varying degrees of control over your home and its security. In particular, we thought the Geo-service was an interesting idea. This detects where you are in relation to your home and can automatically arm your alarms if you forgot to do so or left your phone at work, for example.   

Guardian Protection offers a wide range of useful features but it's worth checking exactly what you'll get for your money and how flexible the system is. This will inevitably involve calling the customer service team at Guardian to have an in depth conversation about what they have to offer, but if you don't mind this process then there should be plenty of options if you have the money to pay for them.

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