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Category: Home Security Systems
Website: http://www.safemart.com/alarm-system-monitoring.html

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SafeMart Review

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SafeMart is something of a security supermarket, offering a wide range of high quality security devices to help protect your home and business. These range from selling wired and wireless alarm systems, accessories, cameras and more, as well as providing a range of home monitoring services.   

A great benefit of the supermarket style of this site is that you can choose the equipment that best suits your needs. This means you can splash out on a sophisticated touch screen to control your home environment, or access your security settings from work, or you can decide to pay a bit less for a simple but effective wired alarm system. It's up to you. You can also choose from a range of monitoring services to suit your needs, including a basic monitoring of your alarms (whereby the control centres call you if an alarm is triggered), all the way to video surveillance which is sent to your cell phone for you to check on.  Of course these all cost different amounts, but it's good to have a genuine choice over the packages you choose.  

Whilst the site offers free delivery on orders over $199, you need to be a little cautious of not getting caught out. For example, one package deal we saw cost $189 for a limited time, which means you're going to foot the bill when it comes to that extra $10, or you'll need to make an extra purchase.

Actually, despite comparing its prices to unnamed “competitors”, and coming out on top, this isn't the cheapest site around and the cost of its equipment and services tend to come in above average when compared with many of its competitors. However, the average response time is 18 seconds, which is pretty quick (although the quickest we've seen is less than half that time).

SafeMart also claims that using their systems can save you up to 20% on your home insurance, but this is not exclusive to them as many home security systems will provide a similar saving due to increased security.  

So despite some of the site's claims, its prices and performance aren't quite as great as they make out. That said, they do offer a great range of products between which you can pick and choose. This isn't something that every site offers to the same degree, so it's a definite positive, especially if you want to pay for a superior product in one area of the home but you are happy with a more basic product in another area.

You are also supported by 3 full redundant monitoring centres and can opt for a 2 way voice service. Some of the accessories are also worth checking out as they can really make your new security system that bit more ergonomic and manageable in your day to day life.    

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