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SimpliSafe is a little different to most of its competitors. It offers cheap service options without contracts. As such you are able to begin or end using their services whenever you see fit. The way they do this is to sell you the alarm systems and sensor devices you'll need , meaning that you own the system. This model has benefits and disadvantages to it, which we'll now go in to...  

One of the biggest bonuses to buying the security equipment is that you own it and can therefore do as you please with it. If you move house you can take the technology with you, so nothing is lost. This also means that you won't have to pay regular rental fees, overall saving you quite a bit of money. However there are some drawbacks that are worth considering. When renting equipment you will often be able to get replacements or upgraded pieces as they emerge, meaning your security technology is up to date. These will often be installed professionally, rather than using a DIY model. SimpliSafe does require that you install the systems for yourself, which is fine if you have a good idea of the best places to put the equipment and generally how to set it up, but it's less useful if you've really no idea what you ought to be doing.  

All of the equipment is wireless and looks quite stylish. Everything is provided in white plastic, which isn't for everyone, but they have at least gone to some effort to make it look a bit more classy than tacky. There's also a lot of equipment to choose from, and a variety of packages to suit your home and budget. The cheapest of these packages, the starter package, includes a free cell phone for controlling the system and receiving calls from the central monitoring station. You also get a free keychain remote and a variety of sensors and alarms. All packages come with a 60 day money back guarantee which is a reassurance if you're not convinced that the system is what you want.   

The site goes to some efforts to convince you that other security sites are ripping you off. We're not so keen on this tactic of bad mouthing other companies and would rather see their advantages explained clearly, letting the service speak for itself.

Despite frequently claiming that they don't have hidden charges, it does take a little research to realise that the equipment and the monitoring services are charged separately, and one can be purchased without the other. So if you're looking for equipment and monitoring services then it's not going to cost the basic $14.99 a month that it might, at first, seem to because you'll need to pay for the equipment separately.

The site also seems to offer fewer monitoring services than you'll find elsewhere, with much less focus on mobile apps and quick emergency response times. Video technology is also much less of a feature than we've seen elsewhere, and the available features reflect this.  

If you're looking for a relatively cheap service, and wish to own your own security equipment (perhaps you are moving home soon) with flexible terms and no contracts, Simpli Safe is a potentially good option. However it isn't for everyone, particularly if you're hoping for a more substantial monitoring service and more control over video options.  

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