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Category: Home Security Systems
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SuddenLink Review

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With over 30 years' experience, Sudden Link Security knows how to provide a wide range of services to help develop the technology in your home and to keep it safe. Not only does it provide home security services, it also offers television, internet, phone, and home automation services, which can be bought as part of a bundle to help save you money. However for the purposes of this review we are mainly interested in the home security features on offer.  

The system provided is a fairly basic but seemingly effective one, with 24/7 monitoring of your alarms, and a few extra options for keeping an eye on your home. Primarily the site seems to focus on video options, allowing you to make checks on what's going on inside your house through your account. Apart from burglary this could also be handy if you have employees drop by to deliver goods, do some cleaning or help out around the house. It also means you can look out for your pets or kids whilst you're at work or away from town.  

The site is generally well constructed and we were glad to find an interactive demo of the security features on offer. However, we did feel that it lacked information here and there, not only in terms of its prices but also on issues such as maintaining your home security systems or how to generally keep your home safe. This is a US-wide company but when we tried several addresses in fairly well known areas we didn't always get any offers, which was a bit of a disappointment. This doesn't necessarily mean that SuddenLink won't be able to provide us with a service in those areas, but it would require a further telephone call just to make sure.   

The range of devices available is somewhat limited compared to some of the competitors in the market, although each of those used is carefully considered. You can fit window contacts, security cameras, glass break detectors, control panels, key pads, motion detectors and wireless key chain remote. This makes for a very secure home, not only preventing entry from the outside but also restricting movement on the inside should a thief make it into the home.   

SuddenLink.com seems like a solid choice for home protection. However if you're looking for extra devices and features beyond what they have then you'll probably need to go elsewhere. It's also worth making a detailed inquiry as to whether or not you can be served, the response times you can expect and how much all of this is going to cost you in the long run. If you're happy with their responses then this home security company may well be worth a shot.

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