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Category: Home Security Systems
Website: http://www.visonic.com/central-monitoring-stations

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Visonic Review

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If you're looking for some decent security equipment, and a useful description of each device and model, you may wish to take a look on the Visonic site. On the surface it's a sparkling, minimalist website, but if you look in any depth you'll soon discover that the site is incomplete and subsequently inadequate as a sales or information point.  

Our major disappointment with the Visonic site is the lack of information in several key areas. Whilst a fair amount of information is provided on the products and the potential new technologies that can be used to protect your home, there is very little in the way of telling you what services are provided, and nothing about how much they might cost. It's one of the very few sites we've ever come across without any links to customer support on their support page, which really doesn't bode well for them as a company to rely on. Subsequently it all feels a bit “unfinished”, as though the site was started with good intention but it was never quite finished off. If they're going to take your security seriously then they need to take their website seriously, after all this is the portal through which you are meant to approach them. There is some information dotted around in short FAQs and in on-site articles, but it just isn't good enough.   

So what do they actually provide, and is it any good? The products on sale actually look and sound of high quality; well designed and provided by professional security services. In terms of monitoring and response, though, very little information is provided with regard to what they actually do to help. This is so surprising given that the company is more than 40 years old and operates internationally. We have a feeling that if you are interested in some of the things they have to offer then it would be best to contact their offices in your country directly, either by phone or by visiting their website.   

There are some videos on the site which explain the differences between the two key systems: PowerMaster Intrusion Alarms and Real Alarm Visual Alarm Verification Solutions, if you're so inclined to watch them. They also claim that “training” is “coming soon”, so perhaps it's worth revisiting some time in the future.   

To conclude, we feel that Visionic.com has some way to go in terms of explaining clearly what they offer and how it can improve your safety. Their site feels incomplete and this doesn't reassure us as potential consumers. Whilst the products on offer seem to be of high quality this isn't enough to convince us that you should spend your money with them instead of one of the many other home security websites that are available. 

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