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Alarm.com makes a point of offering something that few other home security companies seem so concerned with: fail-safes. If your power is cut, the equipment is tampered with, a phone line is down or your internet connection is severed then there is a 24 hour battery powered back-up. The system also uses photo, video and text technology to inform you when something seems amiss.  

In particular we were pleased to see the range of ways in which alarm.com communicates with its customers. If something should happen at your home then you'll know about it. Motion sensors detect movement in your house and you are either sent a picture or can view a live film of what's happening. You can also receive email or text notifications if something seems awry, and can then check your various statuses online or using your mobile app.

As well as this, the technology is very clever and 'learns' about your daily life. As such it can recommend changes to suit your weekly schedule. Say, for example, that you tend to leave the windows unlocked in the week, but you regularly leave the home at the weekend and forget to lock them, well this system will recommend that it sets up an automatic locking system for the weekends.

This spreads to environmental controls such as the temperature and lighting, so that the house can be at an ambient temperature by the time you're back from work. Alternatively you might program it to make the lights turn and off at certain times whilst you're on holiday, or for the blinds to open and close whilst you're visiting family. Now that's smart.  

So, we're impressed by the technology on offer here, how about the service? Well Alarm.com pays much less attention to response than we've seen elsewhere. Much of the response to an alarm or sensor trigger seems to be from the owner - you. They provide several ways of checking that your property is okay, and also call you if it isn't resolved, but they make no point of suggesting how quick their resolutions tend to be.

This isn't to say that they won't do anything if there's an alarm sounding, rather that the power tends to be in your hands. This is potentially a bonus for  many people though, particularly if they have cleaners, children or visitors who will let themselves into the house. If you forget they're coming and the alarms are triggered it means you can easily turn them off without having to necessarily receive a safety check telephone call from the command centre.   

The site is something of a sales portal, although it does describe the technology quite well. What it does less well is to provide information on the services that are provided, and there's very little in the way of additional information except for a news room. Pricing is also a mystery as this depends on what you need and which dealer you find. That said, we are pretty convinced that – money allowing – any devices you pay for will be worth the money.

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