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Comcast Xfinity Home Reviews

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Category: Home Security Systems
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Comcast Xfinity Home Review

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ComCast provides a friendly face for home security, with a few freebies that might sway people in their favour. Not only this, but its basic security package includes the necessary equipment, for just $39.95 a month. It utilises some of the most effective technologies in the industry to offer security at a fair price.  

As well as basic movement sensors and alarm monitoring, you can also opt to upgrade your system to include features such as video surveillance. The video images can then be broadcast to your mobile device, meaning that you are able to visually check on your home whenever or wherever you are.

Equipment can be fitted inside or outside the house too, which means you'll be able to check who is at the door and potentially even disarm all devices to allow someone into the house when you're not there. Or, equally, you could let the kids in and then make sure they're safely locked in the house against potential intruders.  

The remote features mentioned aren't exclusive to Comcast, but it's good to see that they offer them as additional extras if you so choose. What is noticeable is that for a service which offers a pretty comprehensive list of features, this one is cheaper than industry standard. Since the equipment comes as part of your package, this makes comcast.com considerably cheaper than many of its competitors. Of course receiving all of this does require that you take out a contract, but specifics can be discussed with the sales team before purchases are made.  

The company offers a few bonuses that might be worth considering. If you refer a friend then you each get $50, plus anyone purchasing XFINITY Home will get a free $100 visa card to spend as they wish.

The site also offers entertainment packages which include TV channels, should you be interested in signing up. It's always worth discussing the concept of a discount with these companies if you're planning on signing up to multiple packages; there's certainly nothing to lose! 

Another nice feature offered is the ability to use your old equipment with the new service. This not only saves you having to buy additional equipment but you also get a reduced service charge (up to $99 total). It's not a massive amount of money to save but it's not to be sniffed at, particularly if you already have the equipment you want to use.   

There are some tutorial videos provided on Youtube, although more could be done in the way of informing you about how to use the equipment, and how to stay safe. Much of this will come when the equipment arrives but it would be handy to know how easy these things are to maintain and use prior to purchasing them, just so that customers can get a sense of how suitable each piece of equipment will be for their needs.   

There's not much to dislike about ComCast's home security services. It's affordable, well designed and offers useful extras should you need them. However, these do come at an extra cost and the site would benefit from providing its potential customers with more information prior to purchase. However if you think that you'd be interested in trying one or more of their services then we certainly think they're worth a call.

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