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Category: Home Security Systems
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Protection 1 Review

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Protection 1 claims to have received some high praise in the past and they make no effort to disguise that. Their site is fairly slick, their information is clear and they offer several protection packages for business and home properties. However, we didn't really see much in the way of additional devices or features which made it stand out from the crowd, and its lack of pricing information only serves to alienate a potential customer.  

Firstly let's think about some of the positives. This site gets plenty of good reviews from existing customers, which is probably indicative of a generally good service. The packages it offers each come with their own benefits, with its most popular security service, “Digital Home Security” providing two way voice features, advanced / smash protection, WiFi compatibility and more.

Some of the additional features feel a little unnecessary, though, such as a 5 day weather forecast, or email notifications. We assume that you'll only receive emails telling you that everything is okay, rather than emails telling you that your house is being burgled (after all unless you check your email every few minutes then you'd be none the wiser), so they seem a little without purpose. Still, these things are included and there's no real downside to them but we'd have preferred much more useful additions.  

High quality customer service is likely another reason why the site receives good reviews. If something happens to your house then you want it to be dealt with promptly and professionally. As well as providing some information on the site, you can also contact customer services via telephone or using an in-site live chat. This is good to see as it offers an alternative for little questions that you need quick answers to. They are also proud of the fact that their operatives are all human (as opposed to machines answering your calls) who can deal with any crisis quickly and efficiently.   

If you're in a hurry then Protection 1 offers same day service and free professional installation, so you can make sure your home is safe within 24 hours of making a purchase. If you're especially protective then you can upgrade to acquire extras such as  indoor video, and many of the door locks and automated features can be controlled remotely from a mobile device.

For those of you who are conscious of the environment, you can also opt for energy optimisation features which allow you to remotely control lighting, heating and appliances so that you don't waste energy unnecessarily.  

Despite all of this Protection 1 doesn't really seem to offer a great deal more than you'll find on many other sites. Whilst its customer feedback offers some reassurance that its service is good, the equipment looks a little cheap (much of it is made in flimsy looking white plastic) and the lack of pricing makes it very difficult to get an idea of how much everything is going to cost you. Placing an inquiry will solve some of these issues if you're interested in knowing more, but sadly for us this site sits in the “average” category when compared with its competition.   

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