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Century Link Home Security Review

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If you're already a customer who purchases their TV, internet or other bundles from Century Link, or you're interested in improving your home security whilst also getting another service, Century Link Home Security might be the place for you. By offering so many services, this site is able to give you pretty decent prices when you opt to purchase several systems at once.  

If you visit the “special offers” section of the website you'll see what we mean. There are several packages available which offer a variety of home services at a discounted rate.

The overall expectation is that this site can provide services which will make your home a simple and relaxing place to be, through automation. This can range from controlling electronic devices to improving your web access. All well and good, but we're interested in home security, and there are three main packages to choose from:

  1. The Silver package offers customers motion detectors, 3 sensors and 2 smart plugs, plus the monitoring services for $34.99 a month, with a one time installation fee of $199.
  2. The Gold package includes everything in the Silver package plus the option to control the temperature in your home for $44.99 a month, with a one-time installation fee of $199.
  3. The Platinum package had the added perks of electronic door locks, remote video monitoring and a touch screen control panel for $54.99 a month, with a one-time installation fee of $499.

Equipment is included, so it won't cost you extra, and there are several optional add-ons available if you require them.

Frankly we're not convinced that the Gold package, which is essentially the Silver package with temperature controls, is really worth the extra $10 per month, although it could save you more than it costs in the long run.

The platinum package is considerably more expensive but seems to offer a lot of extras that make it better value for money overall. However you do need to remember that the one-time installation fee for the Platiunum package is more than double that of the Silver and Gold packages.

You can call up for a free consultation, which is certainly a good idea because you'll probably be able to squeeze them for a discount or extra services if you need to, particularly if you plan on using other services provided by them.

Before purchasing anything you can also check out the complete user guide, which can be downloaded from the site. This ought to give you a good idea as to how these systems can benefit you.  

Century Link's main sales site is pretty useless. It tells you almost nothing about the services that are provided, and you'll need to go to its promotions site to find out more details. This really does need to be improved upon, and generally more information would be a bonus. Before calling for a consultation you may wish to take advantage of the site's guide to its products, which runs you smoothly through what you can expect from each of the key pieces of security equipment.  

CenturyLink's greatest asset is that it offers a wide range of services. However these aren't all security focused and in the area of home security it does fall a little short of its competitors.

The products look fine, but nothing tremendous, and the range of security features is limited in comparison to many of its peers. However if you're thinking of purchasing other home bundles with them then it might be worth finding out what you can get in terms of home protection too.  

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