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ADT Security Services Review

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With over 135 years' experience, ADT is the granddaddy of home security in the US. They might have an impressive history, and a whole roster of clientèle, but are their home security services all they could be?  

What you might notice about this site in comparison to many of its peers is that there's relatively little to it. In fact there's almost no information with regards to how the system works or how you can utilise it to the full, no advice on how to make your home more secure, no forum or blog. Rather it is a very simple sales site which recalls simple information about the system it offers, and how much it will cost. At just $49 for an installed system, as advertised, you may be expecting a real bargain, but remember to read the small print because not everything is as good as it initially seems.  

One of our bugbears with ADT.com is that it seems to offer so much for relatively little money. But when you start to take a closer look you realise that the devices on offer look cheaply made, the services are pretty standard and the prices are more than you first expect. There's a bearable one-time activation fee of $25 and you need to take out a lengthy 3 year contract to get their low price deal. The terms and conditions are lengthy, and frankly quite confusing so if you're hoping to take advantage of their offers then it's best to call up and speak with a sales assistant to make sure you know exactly what you're getting and how much it will cost.  

Perhaps one of the major benefits of ADT's service is that it's fairly comprehensive. Their basic packages provide a few security features with regards to break-ins, but they also cover fire and carbon monoxide, as well as health emergencies and flood monitoring. As is now usual, surveillance and monitoring is 24 hours, 365 days of the year. You can also access some equipment manuals and guides through the site, should you need extra information, however there's little in the way of instructional information, such as how to position your equipment, how to maintain it or how to install upgrades. We assume this is provided once you have made a purchase, but again it's something worth checking.  

All in all, it's hard to see what really distinguishes ADT from a number of its competitors. It's not a bad service but it feels somehow impersonal or sterile, like there's not a great deal of care or love taken over its product design or service implementation. Prices seem reasonable but they require you to take out very long contracts, so they're not suitable for everyone, particularly if you are thinking of moving house within the next few years.  

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