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ADT Pulse Review

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ADT Pulse has been in business for over 100 years (beginning in 1874), protecting almost 8 million homes across the US so they know what they're doing, and are a reliable choice for monitoring your home, and protecting you and your family. The ADT Pulse system offers interactive security options for security and home automation. In particular its technologies focus on remote control, from being able to open or close window locks, to turning on small appliances in the house from your mobile device or the web.  

The remote technologies in place here make this service a decent option for anyone who spends a lot of time out of the house but wants to be able to control the security of their home with ease. This might be particularly useful if you're away on business a lot or just work uncertain hours at the office.

Essentially the technology allows you to run various security and environmental features of your house without being there. Imagine, for example, that you're suddenly stuck in a meeting and are going to be late home. You might want the lights to come on so it looks as though someone is in.

You might also want to check that a delivery arrived safely whilst you were out, using the video camera options. Then your significant other might return home without their keys, you'll need to let them in. This is all possible with remote control of your home security as provided by ADT.  

In comparison with many of its peers, though, ADT really doesn't offer as many features or as much flexibility. Its equipment however looks smart and seems easy to use. You are able to combine multiple customised automations (such as modes for when you're asleep or on vacation) or pre-program sequences to suit your day to day life. You can also access and control your account using a range of mobile devices or by accessing your account via the internet.

The home automation features are also supported by 24/7 monitoring, which is fairly standard with modern security companies. However we were unable to locate their average response time, which probably means it isn't one of the more impressive statistics around (otherwise they'd be shouting it from the theoretical rooftops).   

The variety of mobile applications available from ADT Pulse means that it's possibly a good option for anyone who needs to frequently control their home security and environment from work or from out of town. However this is not an exclusive feature by any means, and we find it hard to recommend this service above many of the others that are available.

It simply doesn't offer the variety of features that we'd hope for, and all prices are only made available on quotation, so you won't know how much this is going to cost until you make a call to the sales team.

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