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Excellent equipment and service
29 June 2015
Reviewer: Jason Philips, Ny from NY, USA

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We signed up with Frontpoint Security a couple of weeks ago. The system was easy to install, easy to set up and it looks great and functions perfectly.

The entire system is wireless and can be installed with no DIY experience. We now have infra-red motion sensors installed in the corners of every room (except the bedrooms) and door sensors on all our external doors. We also have wireless cameras mounted on the front drive and also one pointing towards the garage at the rear of the property. We also have a couple of other smaller cameras that we use to keep an eye on the inside of the house while we are on vacation - we normally keep these two cameras out of sight in a cupboard and simply place them on the sideboard/table and plug them into a power socket if we ever go away. This lets us keep an eye on the inside of the house, as well as the outside, while we're on vacation.

The entire system - cameras included - is totally wireless. The fact that we can log in to the cameras from wherever we are and view the live streaming video feeds from each of the cameras on our iPhones is amazing! (I believe the system is also compatible with Android.) The cameras can also be set up to auto-record if they detect any movement and upload the video footage to Frontpoint's servers.

If an intruder ever breaks in, we will have him on video camera before he even gets close to the house. The security alarm will sound as soon as he opens a door (or as soon as he enters the room if he comes in via a window). In addition to the alarms immediately sounding, the wireless control panel with then auto-dial Frontpoint Security who monitor the whole system, and who will call you and/or call the police for you if necessary. We will also have the intruder recorded on our internal cameras, with the video feed automatically uploaded to the cloud!

Add to this the fact that we can easily upgrade the system by adding additional motion sensors and fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and flood alarms (in case of burst pipes while on vacation) and this piece of kit provides great peace of mind and is well worth every cent.

In summary, I would recommend FrontPoint Security to a friend.

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